dr. Jørgen Mash

aka dr.moensted


I’m Christian Haugaard Mønsted aka dr. Jørgen Mash (the story about that nick name is long, very long, the key elements are: beer, my brother, beer, Mr. Torben Reé an other members of DSU-Kbh, beer, Toga Vinstue, beer, Viggo’s (a pub in Odense), beer… well, you get the picture ::) – people ask me if I’m a doctor – and even if I’m Jørgen Nash… The truth is: I no longer know…
I live with my Bichon Havanais dog Lykke in the small village Simmelkær near Herning, Denmark. I have a daughter born in 2008.
I work as IT-Supporter at Herning Gymnasium.
Since 1996 i’ve been the sysadmin of NET-Dialog (a FirstClass system with 700+ users).

A longtime a ago I was a student at DIKU. I co-founded the The Mighty RockBear Cult (R.I.P) and was the secretary general of TRBCIPP. That was back in the old days (1993-95) when HTML was fun, and the only web-browser was Mosaic!
The RockBear himself has published the radio interview where he and the doctor explains what TRBCIPP is al about, it can be found here.