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Welcome to home of
dr. Jørgen Mash
aka dr.moensted

Last updated January 4. 2010


I'm Christian Haugaard Mønsted aka dr. Jørgen Mash (the story about that nick name is long, very long, the key elements are: beer, my brother, beer, Mr. Torben Reé an other members of DSU-Kbh, beer, Toga Vinstue, beer, Viggo's (a pub in Odense), beer... well, you get the picture ::) - people ask me if I'm a doctor - and even if I'm Jørgen Nash... The truth is: I no longer know...
I live with my wife Berit, our daughter Freja born on October 16. 2008 and our Bichon Havanais dog Lykke in the small village Simmelkær near Herning, Denmark. On Juli 2. 2005 we got married.
I'm currently looking for a new job. My last job was as a network manager at EG. Since 1996 i've been the sysadmin of NET-Dialog (a FirstClass system with 700+ users).

A longtime a ago I was a student at DIKU. I co-founded the The Mighty RockBear Cult (R.I.P) and was the secretary general of TRBCIPP. That was back in the old days (1993-95) when HTML was fun, and the only web-browser was Mosaic!
The RockBear himself has published the radio interview where he and the doctor explains what TRBCIPP is al about, it can be found here.